Young woman recording video for her vlog using camera

Come work with us in this full-time position, spearheading the video editing for our YouTube channels. Our YouTube Video Editing Specialist works at our office in Star, Idaho with our fantastic team of dedicated internet marketing experts. 

The Position

Income School’s YouTube Video Editing Specialist has the opportunity to work with the YouTube area of our business, including editing videos for our larger YouTube channels and some developing channels. We’re not just looking for a standard editor, either; along with producing noteworthy videos, we’d love to improve our video quality dramatically. That means we’d like our Video Editing Specialist to be a student of editing, specifically of YouTube editing, and lead out in suggesting tweaks, strategizing future videos to improve engagement, and testing new techniques to improve the quality of each video’s final product, over time.  

Because of that, you’ll take part in more of the behind-the-scenes and strategy than a “standard video editor” might expect to take. You’ll be included in many of our growth strategy meetings, and you’ll lead out often to train us on making better videos. This isn’t a make-edits-then-go-home type of role. You’re avid about making the best dang YouTube videos on the planet. Also, it’s fun.  

Experience Required

This position doesn’t require a particular degree or years of professional experience.  But it does require a degree of professionalism (see what I did there?) and an eye for quality.  

You’ll need reasonable experience using a computer, doing video editing, watching YouTube (yes I said WATCHING IT – how can you know your craft if you don’t, you know, know it?), and thinking like a producer. You’ll want to be the type of person who asks things like “why did I leave that video after 60 seconds?”, “why was that video so enjoyable to watch?”, and “how did they do that transition/effect?”. 

It will also be very helpful if you have some experience with recording/producing online videos, editing with Final Cut Pro/similar robust editors (we use FCP for all our edits), and using Photoshop. If you’ve had your own YouTube channel before, that would be included in this list. Don’t worry if you aren’t very experienced in the above; they aren’t requirements but will really help you pick up your role quickly.  

Here’s what we really need coming into this. 

  • General computer skills 
  • Passion for all things YouTube 
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written 
  • Online video production/recording/editing experience a plus 
  • Visual design training or experience a plus


Our office is located in Star, Idaho. We love the small-town feel of our little office where, with only a handful of employees, our content reaches millions of people around the globe each month.

We’re not looking to hire a remote worker for this position so that we can collaborate and iterate quickly. Our video editing specialist would be required to relocate to the Boise, Idaho area. Boise is consistently ranked one of the best places to raise a family, has a relatively low cost of living, and is so safe that you’ll wish for a nice home invasion robbery some days just to spice things up.

Salary and Benefits

This really does depend on experience, especially at the beginning.

This is a role where your contribution to the business is easy to measure.  We strongly believe in rewarding our team members for the value they bring, so as you add more value, you can expect your compensation to reflect that.

How to Apply

Fill out the application here.  We do ask for a resume and cover letter, so have those ready first.  Read the rest of this explanation for more instructions for your cover letter.

This position will remain open and listed here until filled. While we do have big projects we need this person to start on, we will be patient until we find the right cultural fit. Having said that, when we see a candidate’s materials come through that we’re interested in, we’re going to move fast. So don’t dawdle in submitting your application.

Drop the formalities. Just tell me what the job is like.

You got it. Look, we’re a small company but we’re growing very fast and we’re very profitable. We’re a small team of 5 full-time workers in a nice modern office in a suburban town. Because we’re a little team, every person needs to take complete ownership over their work. When one person fails to do what they’ve committed to do, it hurts the whole team.

We’ve hired people based on resumes and degrees and it frankly didn’t work very well. Our business is unique. There’s no degree you can get that quite prepares you for the work we do at Income School. One minute you’re writing copy for an email campaign, the next minute a co-worker asks you to jump on a podcast with them. Then you’re operating a camera, then you’re editing video. We really haven’t ever hired anyone who already had all the skills we need, so we focus much more on cultural fit, project management skills, and ambition than most jobs do.

Working in a small team is really fun. We run Youtube channels so sometimes we eat the world’s hottest pepper on camera, and sometimes we make a 100′ slip-and-slide into a bowl of Thai Curry. But most days are about you being at a computer, trying to make a meaningful difference in helping us produce great video. Most days we have some team projects and brainstorming sessions together, but individual contribution is key.

No one holds your hand at Income School. You’ll have full creative control over your work. For the first month, you’ll have all the mentoring and help you can stand, but after that, it will be up to you and your creativity to figure out how to grow our affiliate marketing income. You’ll be able to track your success easily by simply looking at affiliate income reports and Project 24 sales numbers, and frankly if you aren’t successful, it’ll be obvious. Some people would hate that, but other people have worked in jobs where they aren’t empowered to do ANYTHING, and will love the opportunity to see real results from their creativity.

We’re pretty practical. Nobody cares if you come in 15 minutes late. Nobody cares if you need to go to a doctor’s appointment, or run home for an appliance delivery. We don’t micro-manage each other. We’re generous with time-off policies. We want you to be able to grow your income and consider Income School your career once you show us that you can move the needle for the company.

But we do need people who actually take pride in their work and want to do more than warm a seat for 8 hours. 99 times out of 100, you’ll work very predictable, normal hours. But sometimes there is a big project and it means a lot to us when we see an employee willing to put in the extra effort and burn the midnight oil to come through for our customers.

We love employees who try things out and experiment–even if it doesn’t work out. We would much rather see someone try something new and fail, rather than being constantly hesitant.

We care about each other. We’re a team and help each other out. You’ll have a manager who authentically wants you to love your career. You won’t be micro-managed. Yet, we are too small of a team to have someone who can’t get things done. We need someone who can roll up their sleeves and be proud of what they do each day.

For the right person, this is a dream career and you’ll never want to leave. But some people would prefer a much more structured job where they can merely perform the specified tasks in a more structured system of a large company.

We’d love to welcome you into the company if that sounds like you. We all work pretty close to each other, so we can look forward to becoming friends.

How to Win This Job

Please follow directions on the application. When an applicant doesn’t follow the directions, it makes us wonder if they’ll do the same thing on the job. When it says “in pdf format”, we mean it. When we ask your salary expectation, give us a straight answer.

We really want someone who believes in our mission, which is “We help people provide well for their families by creating online businesses.” Show us you care about our mission, and can be passionate about it. Basically we want someone who has a strong desire to kick butt in their career rather than just floating along.

Go watch our Youtube channels (Income School, Channel Makers, etc)! Our entire company is online. You can literally watch hundreds of hours of video from Income School. This job is easy to get if you make a little effort to show us you’re hungry.  So when an applicant comes in and clearly doesn’t understand our company, it’s an extremely obvious sign to us that the applicant simply doesn’t care.

Drop the formalities in your cover letter. Sometimes resumes and cover letters are so formal that it’s nearly impossible to get a sense for what the person is about. Just tell us why you want to work at Income School, why it’s a good fit at this time in your career, what you like/don’t like at your current job, and what you would want to accomplish at Income School. Cover letters matter.  Don’t skip the cover letter for this application!