Income School is Hiring a WordPress Developer – January 2021

We need a great WordPress Developer to work on meaningful projects for Income School. In many ways, this is unlike most any other WordPress development job you’ll find.

Who We Are

Income School is a small company with only a handful of full-time employees in our office in Star, Idaho. We’re growing extremely fast and we have a huge audience from the Income School Youtube channel. The company’s mission is to teach people how to provide for their families by creating an income online. We teach people to make profitable blogs and Youtube channels.

Since most of our customers and audience run WordPress blogs, we create themes and plugins for those customers to help them be more effective. Our WordPress theme, Acabado, has become very popular, and our upcoming affiliate plugin, Refer, is likely to make a big dent in the industry.

Position History

Until now, we’ve outsourced all of our development to a third party company. But it’s grown to a point that we would like to start hiring for our development in-house. So the person hired for this position will be really important in the company as you’ll be entirely responsible for development, and over time we’d like to build a team around this hire.

We’d like to hire someone with extensive WordPress development experience. We don’t have other developers at our company, so we need someone who is very competent.

We know many WordPress developers get tired of doing small projects that never really see the light of day. Your work will be used by THOUSANDS of people and is becoming an increasingly important part of our business. You’ll get feedback on your work from the end users, you’ll have 100% ownership of what you do with very little oversight, and you’ll stretch your skills while having a great work-life balance.

Our company is an uplifting place to work. I honestly think every person who works here wouldn’t even consider going to work anywhere else. We genuinely love what we do and have a great office culture. We love working together and get along great as a team. We work predictable hours and have really generous time off and work hours policies. Everyone here feels part of the team, feels that they are doing meaningful work, and has a great home life.

How to Apply

Please send us a resume and cover letter via the form below. In your cover letter, please drop the formalities and simply tell us who you are, what you’re about, and why you’re interested in this job. Let us get to know you as a person.

Submit your application and resume/cover letter below. We will reach out to applicants on a rolling basis until the position is filled.