We’re hiring someone for an unbelievable dream-job opportunity. Income School is a small team of online content creators with a massive audience around the world. We publish blogs and Youtube channels on a wide variety of different topics, and then monetize the channels. The company is fast-growing and stable.

We started a Youtube channel called Backfire as a small case study, and we’d like to now put serious resources into growing this channel as one of our online brands.

We’re hiring someone with excellent firearms, hunting, archery, and outdoors skills to run this channel full-time. You’ll spend each day working in our office reviewing firearms, shooting guns, and even getting paid to go hunting. But you’ll also be required to work extremely hard in building this brand as a serious business. We demand a lot out of our employees, but we also LOVE our work and help each other out.

Position Details

This is a full-time, on-location, salaried position. You’ll be working at our office in Star, Idaho. Pay depends on experience.

How to Apply

Fill out this form, and have a cover letter in PDF format, and a resume in PDF format ready to attach to the form. In the cover letter, please just tell us about you. Why are you interested in the job, where do you currently work and what makes you think you’d be a good fit for this channels. Be sure to let us know your knowledge with videography, firearms, etc.

Do not skip questions on the application. Writing “to be negotiated later” on the salary expectation question will show us you can’t give us a straight answer. Please just tell us about you so we can find a great fit for the job.

How to Get This Job

We have a really fun work environment. Seriously, it’s a dream job. We take care of our employees, have a ton of fun, and get to do great work. We’re also a serious company with serious goals and a serious commitment to our online audience. We’ve talked to a few people about this job, and we just didn’t get the feeling that they would take their work seriously. We need someone DRIVEN and ON FIRE who can make this Youtube channel explode.