Project 24 Course Changelog

We’re always updating and adding new lessons as we learn more from our own case studies and the latest industry developments. Check out all the most recent changes below.

Featured Updates

The YT System has had some phase structure changes recently. Previously there were 7 phases (Phase 1: Compass, Phase 2: Starter, Phase 3: Ignition, ​etc).

Now there are 5.37 phases with slight changes as follows:

  1. Phase .37: Starter – The Starter phase provides single-watch lessons (e.g. “How to Win with This System”) for very beginning channels to do their first steps. If you are new to YouTube, start here. Established channels will move through Starter quickly and may scan through or skip some videos.
  2. Channel Compass – The official “phase” title was removed because this section serves as a compass (get it?) and not a graduated phase. This cluster of lessons is meant to be revisited often to guide and reorient your channel as you progress.


July 2022

July 2022

Blogging System Launched

We have added dozens of lessons and restructured and streamlined our search analysis process and tool.

It’s set up so someone new can follow it step by step.

March 2022

From valuing websites to negotiation of contracts, this course covers everything you need to know about buying and selling websites.

November 2021

The system walks you through phases of channel growth from brand new to a full authority on YouTube in any niche. As your channel grows, you will be able to determine which phase of your YouTube journey you’re on and we will give you the tools to grow from the place you’re at.


October 2021

The course has 12 lessons covering our affiliate marketing strategy, how to find affiliate programs, how to get people to click on links on your site or YouTube channel, how to get paid if you’re not in the USA, and much more.


May 2021

New Blogging Course Launched

We’ve simplifed our approach by including a new search analysis tool that will make it much easier for you to make a hitlist.  

There are quizzes to help with specific skillsets around search analysis. (How we find great topics for blog posts.) There are also quizzes on answer targets (How we rank our sites quickly with Google snippets.)  

July 2021

The YouTube Course:


June 2021

The YouTube Course: Videos from Video Immersion Event added

Lesson 35: Drafting

Lesson 36: Channel Branding, Messaging, and Traditions

Lesson 37: Subscribe-ability

May 2021

Jim Harmer’s book, Work Energy made available for Project 24 members.

April 2021

Answer Targets for Winning Snippets: Three new lessons

Lesson 13: Secret Words for Winning Snippets

Lesson 14: Adjacent Search Terms

Lesson 15: Community Q&A For Winning Snippets