Stupid Fast

Acabado is designed to achieve a 100 on Google’s Page Speed Insights testing tool–without resorting to AMP.  Even with lots of images.  Even on mobile.*

SEO Built-In

Remember that old SEO plugin you used to use?  It probably didn’t do as much as you thought it did.  We’ve loaded Acabado with SEO features including Schema.

Clean and Organized

Themes today all tout extensive customizability.  Acabado is the opposite.  You’ll have your site redesigned in 3 minutes and you can style your pages with Gutenberg.

Mobile First

Every theme nowadays has a responsive mobile design, but eventhough 65% of your web visitors will likely be on mobile, nearly all themes are still built with the desktop version first.

Demo sites using Acabado

Some of Acabado’s Amazing Features!

Anti-Bounce Protection

Page visitors just don’t like pop-ups. To make them feel like they have control over their experience, we added a feature that allows users to receive a non-intrusive message that encourages them to stay without being annoying.

Unique Homepage Customization

A lot of themes create a boring, random blog roll on your homepage that just allows page visitors to wander aimlessly. Acabado gives you control over the menu. You can strategically place a well-monetized post, a site category, or your social media account so that visitors will be directed there.

Pinterest Image Optimization

Pinterest can be a great way to promote your site, but pinnable images can take up a lot of space and look weird on your page. So, we included an easy way to hide the pins in your blog posts. That way, you still have a pinnable post minus the inconvenience of one or more massive images.

Check out this video for a tour of Acabado!

Start at just $67/year, or buy a $179 license that lasts for 100 years. Live that long and your second century is on us. Eat your veggies, people.

Give me all the details about speed. (What's with that * after your speed claims?)

Acabado gets a 100 on Google’s Page Speed Insights test on both mobile and desktop–even with lots of content on the page–without amp–every single time.*  There!  I spotted it!  You used that asterisk again!  What are you trying to hide!?!?

Acabado is stupid fast, but your hosting provider may or may not be.  We can’t control that.  Also, your plugins may not be.  However, if you install Acabado on a fast host like WPX, and you don’t have bad plugins slowing things down, you’ll peg 100 on the test.  We’ve run the numbers hundreds of times.  It pegs it.  

You may be wondering “Okay, but that’s on a fast host without any bad plugins.  Couldn’t ANY theme do that?”  Not at all.  Divi, X Theme, Foodica, Astra, and dozens of other themes we tested on that same setup struggled to get past FIFTY with everything else being equal.  It’s not even a close fight.

But what if you use a slower host or tons of plugins?  You’re still going to see a BIG jump on Google’s own Pagespeed Insights test.  HUGE!  

But what about GTMetrix, Yslow, Pingdom, and all the rest?  Acabado scores quite well on those tests, but won’t peg them at 100.  There are SOOO many ways to score page speed.  We care about the test from Google because it actually impacts your SEO!  Also, it’s far more updated than the other tools, and most of those tools are focused on testing the SERVER speed more than the actual site.  But, again, Google has already said they punish sites that run slow, so what we care about is how THEY measure speed.  It wouldn’t have made any sense to optimize the tech to please Pingdom since they aren’t sending us any traffic.

Then why don’t the other themes improve their speeds?  We have no idea!  This frustrated us so much that we went out and made our own theme.  We used to think the theme made little impact on the speed of the page, but after extensive testing, we learned that’s just because they’re all doing the same things and making the same mistakes.  The more we researched and tested different technologies, we found there are actually MANY ways a theme can be sped up SUBSTANTIALLY if it’s built correctly with all the most modern technologies.


What support is offered?

Acabado is clean, fast, and DEAD SIMPLE.  You will NOT have trouble getting it set up and working.  It couldn’t be easier because of the update design and rock-solid code.

The only other thing you could possibly have a support issue for is customizing your theme.  We named it “Acabado” (Portuguese for “finished”) because we don’t want the theme to need extensive customizing to look good.  The customization options are very simple, but if you want to do some deep surgery on the theme to heavily tweak it, you’ll need to use CSS on your own.  We provide a way to add CSS in the theme settings.

We offer helpful one-to-one email support for billing issues, but I should be clear about one thing.  We do NOT offer one-to-one email support for TECHNICAL issues.  In speaking with other theme designers, they tell us that’s 90% of the cost of selling a theme because people ask SO many questions and blame everything on the theme when the real issue is that they aren’t using WordPress correctly or a plugin is causing the issue.  We do, however, have a form for reporting bugs or requesting features.

You won’t need customer support.  It’s fast and built with crystal-clean, modern code.  We’ll be very fast to address any potential bugs, but customization is up to you.  Sound like a fair trade for a lower price?

Does page speed affect my site's SEO?

Umm… yes.  Very much so.  Google has included page speed as a ranking factor for MANY years, but mostly on desktop searches.  Then in January 2018 it rolled out speed testing into the algorithm for mobile searches as well.  This isn’t a secret or conjecture.  Google publicly stated this.

Listen to this EXCELLENT podcast from Brandon Gaille talking about how he focused on page speed and saw a HUGE increase in traffic from Google.  It was listening to this podcast that finally pushed me to create my own theme that would put speed and a clean design first.

Google uses load times from Chrome browsers to test a page’s speed over time, so speeding up your site will rarely show any kind of immediate change to your SEO, but long term it’s an important metric.

Also, remember that when it comes to SEO, content is king.  While great content with crappy page speed will NOT work well for trying to rank on Google, having a VERY fast page speed with Acabado won’t do anything to fix crappy content.  You gotta have both!

How much does Acabado cost?

Our pricing couldn’t be simpler.  You can either buy a license to the theme that costs $67 each year, or you can pay $179 for a license that lasts 100 years (only 99 cents per year, LOL!).   We wanted to offer a very low price point for getting started, and a VERY reasonable lifetime license for those ready to commit.

Use Acabado on as many sites as you personally own. If you’re buying for a company, you can use it on every site that company owns. If you’re a developer wanting to use Acabado on client sites, each client needs their own license. Good thing it’s so reasonably priced.

To compare what a deal Acabado is, here is the price compared to some of our favorite other themes across the web:

  • Divi – $89/year or $249 lifetime
  • X Theme – $59 for EVERY website you put it on (X Pro is $79 for EVERY site you put it on)
  • Astra Pro – $59/year (Up to $249/year depending on the bundle) or $249 lifetime (up to $699/lifetime depending on the bundle)
  • There are also lots of free and cheaper WordPress themes even compared to Acabado.  We totally recognize that, but for a premium theme with premium features, the price of Acabado is quite reasonable.

(Prices of competitors current as of April 15, 2019)

Why is it called Acabado?

It’s Portuguese for “finished.” We wanted to focus on the speed and clean design which make it easy to do a site redesign in under 3 minutes with Acabado.

The REAL reason, though, is that it’s just so fun to say.

It’s pronounced “Ah-cuh-bah-doe.”

Why let page speed ruin the user experience and hurt your SEO when you can fix it with Acabado?

What Users are Saying

“My mobile speed went from 39 to 99.  How is this even real?!  Incredible.  Thank you so much!”


Acabado User

“Just tried it with a young site of mine – load speed went from 69 to 97.  And it’s on Bluehost!

Man that’s fast!”


Acabado User

“Tested the new theme on an old website that is not up to p24 code and hasn’t been touched for ages.  Wanted to get a feel of it prior to moving my current p24 site.

The speed results are amazing!  Site went from Mobile 12 Desktop 48 to Mobile 92 Desktop 95.

Yawzer it’s Freaky Fast!


Acabado User