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Niche Site Consultations and Reviews

I’m really excited to tell you about these new niche site consultations!  We wanted a way to help you get your niche site up an running and be as successful as possible right from the gate.  Well, here it is.  You get to reach us directly to get your site started out right.  Click here to check it out.

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X Theme: An unbiased, in-depth review

Last year, I came across the X Theme by Themeco, which is the #1 selling WordPress theme on Themeforest.  I have had terrible luck in the past buying one-off themes because the designers often dump a theme to make some sales, but do little in the way of support.  Not surprisingly, I was gun shy.  Although the theme looked impressive, …

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How I Add 214 Email Subscribers a Day

  The marketer’s adage “The money is in the list” is (mostly) solid advice.  When I launch a product, a significant portion of sales comes from my email list every time.  I take good care of my email list, and they take care of me. On a recent launch, I found 53% of sales came from my email list, despite …

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When Should You Advertise?

Have you ever thought about what makes some of the ads you see effective while others just get ignored? Have you ever felt like there were so many advertisements, so many messages being yelled at you, that you couldn’t really see any of them? The truth is that we’re constantly bombarded by companies trying to sell us this or that, …

How I Used Groupon to Build a Brand

How many ways can you think of to get brand recognition? How can you make your business the one that people think of when they want whatever it is you offer. When I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I moved out to a beautiful place in Southwestern Virginia.  It was a quiet, tranquil county and I had a good job. …

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4 Essentials for Avoiding “dumb” Ads

What does it take to make a great ad? We’re constantly bombarded with ads.  They’re on TV and on billboards we drive past every day.  They’re even all over our computers and phones now.  When you go to just about any website you’re going to see ads plastered all over the place.  But how effective are these ads for you? …