In the Beginning

Most of what I write on Income School is tips and techniques.  I like to skip over the fluff and just write what you need to know to increase your income.  But in this podcast episode I’m welcoming you into my life.

In episode 1 I invite my wife Emily to join me on the podcast and we talk about where we started the blog from, the struggles and successes we saw along the way, and where our blog has taken us today.  I thought it would be helpful to have Emily on this episode because she provides such a more personal touch than I do.  I really wanted this episode to be a bit more intimate and open than my usual tone.

Hope you enjoy the episode,



  1. Can we talk to you . We have a ministry and have a great radio show we want to get out. We are on podbean, but need guidance. Could we pay you for a phone meeting?

  2. Hey Jim,

    Really enjoyed this one,. They are all ace but this one was cool because of your story. Things aren’t quite as bad as you had it but I live a hand to mouth existence and am also determined to make my photography work for me!

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